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Sung Poetry


Sung poetry is a broad and rather imprecise genre of music, popular in some European countries. It is particularly popular in Poland. This is a category which includes songs consisting of poems (or ballads) and music  written specially for these texts. The compositions itself generally feature a soft melody with a musical background often provided by a guitar or piano.
This music genre shares much with the author’s song in Russia, however, the performers of sung poetry do not compose lyrics themselves. In other countries, similar artists are usually classified as folk music, folk rock or chamber pop performers, or as bards.

Here are some of the most popular Polish artists of this genre:

Michał Bajor

Ewa Demarczyk

Przyemysław Gintrowski

Marek Grechuta

Jacek Kaczmarski

Antonina Krzysztoń

Czesław Niemen

Edward Stachura

Grzegorz Turnau


Wolna Grupa Bukowina

Stare Dobre Małżeństwo



  1. Love poetry says:

    Sung poetry is a very interesting genre, there many beautiful songs. I would add to this list ,,Kabaret Starszych Panów”, very oldfashioned, but absolutely brilliant artists and poets.

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